Using Enzymes for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Oil Well Stimulation
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Greenzyme, that is a water-soluble formulation reportedly made from DNA-modified proteins extracted from oil loving microbes in a batch fermentation process. The enzyme itself is nonliving, which provides EEOR an advantage over microbial EOR techniques that may require a detailed pretreatment involving the injection of a fermentable carbohydrate nutrient base into the reservoir. With the EEOR technique, only a dilution of the enzyme into the injection water is required. No subsequent nutrients are required either, which allows for a broader range of well treatment applications. Greenzyme is reportedly ideally suited for sandstone, waterdrive formations with <30º API oil, >20% porosity, and >100-md permeability for single well treatments, but can have broader ranges in other applications such as waterfloods. Well treatments in Indonesia for 7 oil wells showed a production plateau level of 60 BOPD, with a combined average water cut of 95% prior to treatments. "Each well was treated with four 55-gallon drums of enzyme fluid concentrate that were further diluted. Typical dilution factors are between 5-10% enzyme fluid,". The well immediately started to see an increase in oil production despite the high water cut environment. Production data for over a year showed an annual increase of 60%. Review and further analysis of the production data for these wells showed very rapid payoff
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