Historia Contacto GreenZyme®

GreenZyme® is a biological liquid enzyme: Is a protein-based non-living catalyst,

which facilitates the completion of biological reactions, to enhance crude oil

recovery from most oil wells, both onshore and offshore. EEOR

GreenZyme® is produced by a proprietary process, which involves impregnating

a high protein nutrient soup, with the DNA of selectively cultured microbes. The

final product contains enzymes associated with oil-eating microbe's DNA. Nearly

all-living microbes are made inert at the end of the manufacturing process.

“Different from its chemical and bacterial counterpart, the process described in

the preceding paragraph is biological. Its does not change any oil property or

produce any derivatives. Instead the process restores the environment-friendly

enzyme to its original state after working. Theoretically, the enzyme will never be

consumed out.” (SPE 107128)

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