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MicroEncapsulated Enzyme Systems Enhanced Oil Recovery

and Bioremediation.


Without a doubt our time is one of great dependency on oil resources, for energy and raw materials. It took hundreds of millions of years for the world oil to be formed and we are consuming it at rates that will ensure the exhaustion of all knows reserves within two centuries(Kerr. R. A. Science 1998). Improving recovery rates and exploiting unconventional sources of oil such as oil sands and shales will be crucial to development. Biological methods have been of great interest to accomplish these goals. I propose that the direct application of immobilized enzymes is the most effective method for exploitation and bioremediation of fuel oils. Enzymes are far more effective then chemical catalysts: extremely specific, low substrate concentrations and rapid reactions are what makes enzyme the tool of choice. Current limitations in temperature and pH could be overcome by understanding the differences in extremophil enzymes and modifying known enzymes.
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